Local Businessman, Phil Regeski, seeks election to Wyoming's House District 11

I am your neighbor in Cheyenne. And I am seeking election to House District 11 in order to reform Wyoming's State government with common sense solutions, to increase economic freedoms and liberties, and decrease the cost of government.

Phil and Family


The good folks of Wyoming deserve not just good, but excellent education for their children.  And they deserve to make the decisions of where and how their children are educated.

The Wyoming folks want a State Government that is accountable and transparent. And they deserve a state budget that spends their hard earned taxes in a cost effective and efficient manner. And Wyoming wants and deserves a world class university that has an unsurpassed reputation for excellence.

Our State, now more than any time, needs a compassionate and conservative leader. It is my commitment to be that leader for you. My 20 years of experience as a Professional Engineer and small business owner will enable me to use my skills to bring common sense solutions to the issues that are important to Wyoming.

It is time for the people of Wyoming's House District 11, along with all the people of the State, to be represented by a leader that is responsive to the needs of the business community and the families of our State. I am joined by my wife Alisha and our two children Alex and Grace, in asking for your support and vote in 2014 - one of the most important election years in this State.

I am committed to the good folks of Wyoming to help bring stability, jobs and financial freedoms to our great State. Please help me to fight for you with bold solutions for bold results!

Phil Regeski for House District 11 in Wyoming
For volunteers and donations please call or email me. Thank you!!



•  Pro Life •  Pro Gun Rights •  Pro Family Values



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    Committee to Elect Regeski
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     1740 Dell Range Blvd., Suite 454H
     Cheyenne, Wy.  82009

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